Global Game Jam 2014

Last weekend was the Berlin Global Game Jam 2014. I'd made it part of a new years resolution plan to get more involved and release some games / projects, and this represented the first step towards doing something.

My awesome team and I worked all weekend making a twin stick style shooter in Unity. This was my first experience with Unity, and as such I spent most of the time watching tutorials and desparately deciphering the mysteries of Unity's component / entity system. As such, I owe a lot to these guys for letting me hang around and break things.

Unity is pretty cool, and I'm going to make a point of exploring it further for prototyping and short term projects.

I really liked the game that we made, it's pretty fun to play - silly and frantic. As a bonus we came 3rd place in the public vote for Berlin, which is just super neat. It's definitely inspired me to be more active.

Checkout the game at the global game jam site.

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