Coffeescript + RequireJS Skeleton Project

After being introduced to the awesome pixi.js framework by a colleague, I decided to update an old project of mine to make screwing around with it a little easier. This skeleton project comes with everything you need to run a pretty decent setup, and all at the cost of only two command line options.

Skeleton Project!

The initial configuration is usually a pain for me, so I threw together an example project and some scripts to manage this. With this setup, I can clone a github repo, pass in some parameters to configure what is downloaded, and start hacking immediately :)

The project comes with everything I usually want in a basic project. That is - bootstrap, jQuery, RequireJS and Coffeescript. This is of course pretty heavyweight for a minimal application, but I like that I can start fleshing out some ideas in as little time as possible.

Use Me

To use the project, simply follow the handy dandy following instructions. I'm assuming that you have Python and Ruby installed, because I am writing this for myself and I know I do.

  • Clone the repo
        git clone 
  • Choose a cool name for your new project
  • cd into the directory, and run the setup command with your cool name
        rake setup[COOL_NAME_HERE]
  • Your project is generated! Now serve that sucker up with rake run and check the badness at


You can also include some optional libraries, and have them loaded into the default index.html file that comes with the project. Currently there is only support for pixi.js and To get these, just define the appropriate environment variables before setup, e.g. PHASER=yes PIXI=yes rake setup[SuperAwesomeProject]

One final thing is that the script is designed to self destruct it's git repo after setup. This is so you can create a new project without having to worry about basing it on the git history of the skeleton. To prevent this behaviour, pass the NORM=yes variable in the setup call (just like above).

Check it out on github!

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