A list of some projects I’ve created or otherwise been involved with, both professionally and for personal interest.


Kiekmo is an Android application written in Kotlin for Haspa / Hamburg Sparkasse. Designed as part of a campaign to increase customer engagment, the app promotes local community events and allows customers to use physical storage lockers in Hamburg branch locations.

Notable features I worked on include the GraphQL integration for the news feed, UI elements and push message / Firebase integration.


Anki-rb is a ruby gem designed to make it easier to create flashcards for the spaced repetition learning system anki.

Solutions in ruby already existed, but none that would output to the binary format that anki can consume (this means it was not possible to bundle media assets / audio with decks). Ultimately a hash is passed in which represents a card, these are then mapped into a normalised asset listing, thrown into an sqlite db and bundled with associated media files. The resultant file can be opened on the mobile or desktop anki client.


SpriteBuilder (OSX)

Whether you’re an expert developer or just getting started, SpriteBuilder will help you build top-quality games in a fraction of the time. Open source and free.

SpriteBuilder is an IDE designed around Swift / Objective C games development with the Cocos2D framework. Using SpriteBuilder you can visually design games and applications through the editor and know they will look consistent on both iOS and Android.

As one of the core team members I was responsible for working with the community, managing pull requests and helping guide the roadmap. I also designed the build system and moved the project to Circle CI.


Jelly Splash (iOS / Android)

Jelly Splash is a puzzle game for iOS and Android. You have to connect the jellies and help them save the world by squishing them. It’s pretty flipping fun. link

This project was an ambitious cross platform initiative. After developing for iOS, we discovered Apportable and began to port it to iOS. As part of the team responsible for the effort I’m proud to say that we were able to make this one of Wooga’s most successful games, and first big Android hit.

Pocket Village (iOS)

Pocket Village was Wooga’s first mobile only game. You build villages from your pocket, and exploit the avarice of a balloon trader to gain wealth!

As one of the main engineers on this project, I helped develop this game from planning through to implementation. I developed some extensive tool support in Ruby, including a series of command line scripts to automate common tasks and a web application that allowed customer support to interact with the accounts of individual users.